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A Visual Storyteller


Evan Williams is redefining caricatures.


His aim with this type of portraits is not to poke fun or demean, but rather to honor and pay tribute to cultural icons with the ultimate goal of telling a story.


Evan’s story as an artist began when he was about 8 years old. Throughout his childhood, Evan bounced from town to town as his father was re-stationed during his military career: Colorado, Virginia, Kentucky — even Belgium — and, ultimately, Ohio.


“My mother and father did a really good job of encouraging me and giving me the tools I needed to further myself,” Evan says. “I was always one of those kids who, when given the choice, would stay in the house to draw and paint. I’ve always been a more creative type.”


In high school, Evan became more serious about his craft. That was due, in part, to the influence of a few memorable teachers who empowered him to pursue his passion. He went on to graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design and, today, he’s a visual storyteller in Columbus.


After a hiatus pursuing arts, Evan recently returned to his calling.


“I got my art pad out and started sketching again. Then, I got my computer out and I created my own brushes in Photoshop. I started playing around and dusting the rust off, and I’ve just been seeing a lot of returns on my efforts,” Evan says.


In October 2018, Evan became a RAW artist. RAW is an international community of creatives that host platforms for expression both online and off.


Right after Thanksgiving 2018, RAW held a big event in Columbus, of which Evan was a part.


“It was a huge show, and I got a lot of great feedback from it,” Evan says. “Since that, I’ve been trying to pump out as much stuff as I can.”


Evan is accepting commission pieces, working on a children’s book and selling prints. He also reached out to Columbus businesses — tattoo parlors, coffee houses, barber shops and more — to hang his work around the city. So far, the response has been encouraging.


“It’s kind of weird to see someone react in an overwhelmingly excited way about something I’ve made. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, I do,” Evan says. “It’s just unusual to see something you create that can generate so much joy and laughter and happiness in someone’s life. That’s rare.”

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